I’m not arrogant; people just don’t understand me – Sarkodie

Ghanaian rap star, Sarkodie in a Facebook live video has refuted claims that he is arrogant.

The rapper who was answering questions to his fans on Facebook, said people who tag him as arrogant don’t really know who he is.

He explained that he doesn’t know how to fake emotions, adding that even though sometimes it experience a particular emotion, he is unable to show it.

“I don’t know to react to certain things. If I see a fan and the fan goes like Sarkodie I love you so much I appreciate it so much but I don’t know how to react to that,” the ‘Highest’ rapper said.
“I had that conversation with a friend about how I am as a person, and people get to misunderstand it. They misinterpret it. They call it arrogance or he’s not friendly but everybody is different. I’m the type of person that if someone is sick at the hospital I wouldn’t be able to cry but I might be the one going through a lot seeing you,” he added.

Sarkodie has come under serious criticism over the years for not ingratiating with people, especially, his fans.

According to most people who have had an encounter with him, Sarkodie totally ignored them when they approached him.

The world over, fans expect musicians they admire to show them love my reciprocating their kind gestures.

Most musicians sign autographs, take pictures with fans and respond to their calls to show that they also appreciate them.

Sarkodie is one of Ghana’s biggest music exports. He has won a lot of local and international awards.

His last album, ‘Highest’ was released in 2017 has been touted as anthology of classic musical works.

Source: citinewsroom.com
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