Corporate Fashion Exposé Launched

The first-ever corporate fashion event solely dedicated to corporate fashion and accessories in Ghana is scheduled to take place from May 17 to May 19, 2018.

The event dubbed ‘Corporate Fashion Exposé’ under the theme: ‘Wear It Right’ is being organised by Maria’s Fashion House, a unisex clothing production house that specialises in affordable, Afrocentric, formal, evening and casual outfits, with over 15 years design and creative experience.

The three-day event will be held at the Coconut Grove Regency Hotel in Accra with activities comprising a three-day exhibition, a one-day corporate style guide session for men and women and a corporate fashion show event on the night of Saturday, May 19, 2018.

Speaking at the launch, the Executive Director of Maria’s Fashion House, Maria Adams, stated, “This vision was conceived following government’s (both the NDC & NPP) advocacy for Ghanaians to adopt the habit of wearing African prints on Fridays for official duties.”

According to her, the general idea behind the event is to lead a movement where Ghanaian and African produced fabrics will be well tailored for official corporate events and not limited only to Fridays and weekends.

Speaking at the same event, a development expert and fashion designer, Dzine Dzakuma, spoke in support of the event, adding that encouraging everyone to wear the local fabric “is the only way we would boost the fashion industry which in the long run would translate into economic growth of the country, which we all so desire.”

Two distinguished personalities will be honoured on the night for their commitment to the promotion of the local fabric through their advocacy works and attires.

Some corporate institutions who are making the event possible are Moneygram, Wuenam Vacation Home, 3E Media Services, Coconut Grove Regency Hotel and Sweetness Beauty Palace.

The Ministry of Trade & Industry and the National Commission on Culture (NCC) are supporting the event.

Source: Daily Guide

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