Nigeria’s Senate mace found under flyover

The mace stolen from Nigeria’s parliament has been recovered under a flyover in the capital, Abuja, police say.

Several intruders rushed into the Senate, the upper chamber of the National Assembly, and grabbed the ceremonial staff during a session yesterday.

The Senate’s spokesperson accused suspended Senator Ovie Omo-Agege of leading the “armed hoodlums”, saying they had committed treason. He has since been arrested and denies any involvement in the theft.

The police say they set up roadblocks and launched stop-and-search operations in the wake of the theft.

In a statement, the police said the mace was eventually found under a flyover “where a patriotic passer-by saw it and alerted officers”.

The police chief has ordered security is to be beefed up at parliament as a consequence.

Watch the moment the mace was stolen:

Source: BBC

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