The president on homosexuality: He said what he said – Lydia Forson

See I’m going to keep this very simple because I know no matter how well I put this people are still going to find a reason to be offended.
There’s public outrage over an interview President Akufo-Addo granted in which he said that the legalization of homosexuality was bound to happen.
Now I understand your anger if this is a practice you’re against, especially if it’s one your religion forbids.
But the president response doesn’t in ANYWAY condone the act, in fact he maybe equally against it.
But he wasn’t voted into power to enforce his own personal beliefs on all of us, he was voted to represent ALL the citizens of the country irrespective of their beliefs and practices.
Which is why he gave an intellectual response, devoid of emotions to that question.
Because years in LAW school would have taught him about human rights and the realities of any minority group.
Legalization of anything doesn’t suggest that everyone agrees with it, it’s to protect the few who do; which is why there are still people in America against homosexuality and are free to be, so long as they don’t harm those who’re for it.
The law exist to protect ALL its citizens and not impose ones personal beliefs and views on another.


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