MTN KasapaKwahu Easter 2018 Takes Off

As part of this year’s Easter Celebration, Kasapa 102.5FM in collaboration with MTN brings to the public the Kasapa Kwahu Fun Train with the #MTNKasapaKwahu.

The four-day non-stop live-action and fun event across Kwahu will kick off on Thursday 29th March with the tag “3reko so”.

Kasapa Kwahu Kanival (KKK) which is set to take place at Obomeng high street on 30th March from 6pm will have great performances from Edem, KwawKese and all the finest Highlife artiste.

On Saturday 30th March is the Agoo fitness walk which starts at exactly 6am from the foot of the mountain to Nyarkoaba Nyarko and the MTN costume carnival which is also happening on the same day starts 3pm from Mpraeso through Atibie and Obomeng.

The Titanic clash between Chelsea and Tottenham on Sunday 1st April 2018 happens live on a giant screen at Nyarkoaba Nyarko at 3pm.

There will also be Wi-Fi available at a 50% discount at Abetifi, Obo, Obomeng and Mpraeso on MTN everywhere you go.

Share your pictures and videos on social media using @MTNGhana, @kasapa102.5fm and #MTNkasapakwahu on MTN 4G for friends and family to experience Kwahu live.

MTN Kasapa Kwahu Easter 2018 experience is brought to you by Kasapa 102.5FM, Agoo FM, MTN and sponsored by MTN, Adonko Bitters, Protector Condom and Agyengo Lotteries.





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