Suspected killer of police at Drobonso arrested

One person has been arrested at Kwamang near Nsuta in connection with the killing of two police officers on the Drobonso-Kumawu Road, on Thursday.

A third officer who also received gunshot wounds has since been treated and discharged at the Effiduase Government Hospital.

The suspect whose name is withheld for security reasons was carrying a short gun and unspent live ammunition at the time he was picked up.

Ashanti Regional Police Commander, COP Ken Yeboah, says the suspect is yet to be interrogated.

“We’ve gotten information that somebody has been arrested with a weapon so I cannot confirm whether it is linked with this case or not,” he said.

He said after interrogation, police will be certain how he is connected with the murder of the security personnel.

The attack on the police is the second such incident on security operatives within a week in the Ashanti Region.

Three military officers and a policeman were wounded after armed nomadic herdsmen ambushed and opened fire on the Operation Cowleg team.

The personnel were responding to a distress call from a woman whose farm was being destroyed by cattle.

The latest attack on Thursday, which occurred near the Owam Stream on the Kumawu-Drobonso road, is one of the deadliest on the security services in recent times.

It saw Inspector Adolf Mutse,  a driver, and  Constable Prosper Ashinyo killed by suspected armed robbers whilst the third officer, Constable Enock Okyere sustained gunshot wounds.

Inspector Adolf Mutse(deceased)

The attackers used logs to block the road are said to have opened fire on the policemen who were on a routine patrol duty.

Traces of blood, spent cartridges and the logs of wood which were used to block the road were found at the scene of the incident.

Also, a blood-stained police vehicle was found abandoned at the spot where the attack took place.

The attackers, who are suspected to be Fulani herdsmen,  fired three shots on the police vehicle, injuring the officers in the head.

Residents of Kumawu and the police administration have been commiserating with wife of Adolf Mutse who had defied ill-health to go to work.

His wife is heartbroken.

COP Dr. George Dampare consoling Inspector Mutse's widow

Meanwhile, President Akufo-Addo has pledged government’s support to the police administration in its quest to pursue and bring the suspects to book.

Director of Police Operations, COP Dr. George Akufo Dampare, led a police delegation sympathise with bereaved families.

He told them police will do everything possible to arrest the suspects.

COP Akuribah Yaagy, Director of Police Patrols, Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei-Mensah were all part of the delegation.



Source: Myjoyonline

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