Kick out retired staff now – GNAT to GES

The Ghana National Association of Teachers, GNAT, has endorsed the directive from the Ghana Education Service to all staff due for retirement to leave their posts.

GNAT however wants the Ghana Education Service to kick out all such persons beyond issuing the directive.

The GES last week ordered all its Regional, Metropolitan and General Managers of education units nationwide to ensure that staff who are due for retirement but have refused to exit, vacate their posts immediately.

According to the GES, these officers were asked to exit as far back as June 5, 2017, but they have failed to respond to the order.
Speaking to Citi News, the General Secretary of GNAT, David Ofori Acheampong, said he was surprised that staff who were supposed to be on retirement are still at post.

“If they were supposed to have left on June 5, 2017, what it means is that from my own experience they are not being paid by the Controller and Accountant General’s Department. So what are they doing in their offices?”

“They have to go and throw them away, throw them out of their offices. Why the directive again? You work because you want to be paid, and we are paid from the Controller and Accountant General’s platform, and you are notified of your retirement. So when you retire, your salaries stop. So what is keeping them in the offices,” Mr Acheampong questioned.

We’ll comply with GES retirement order – CHASS

The Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS), which has some members who are due for retirement, say they will comply with the GES directive.

Speaking to Citi News, Secretary of CHASS, Reverend Abraham Osei Donkor, said the officers involved have been notified.

“Apart from the normal reminder letters that reminds all those who are due for retirement within the year, I think some letters came to some officers informing them of some discrepancies in their date of births. Either their records do not match that of the record with the service or something else. Those officers concerned have been informed, and they were to respond to the service by confirming with some requested documents within the period or count themselves having retired at the end of March,” he added.


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