Gas explosion scare at Sakaman

December 1, 2017

Weeks after the gas explosion as the Atomic Junction, some commuters and residents at Sakaman in Accra were last night thrown into a state of panic when rumours erupted of another gas explosion.
The rumour which turned out to be a hoax resulted in many commuters abandoning their cars and running for dear life as people kept shouting “gas”.
There were no indications as to source of the rumour but some suggested that it might have emerged from a gas station at Odorkor Tipper which is quite distant from Sakaman.
“There was utter chaos; people were abandoning their cars and running for cover; other turned their cars dangerously as they sought to escape from danger. Some even jumped from trotros; one particular passenger who jumped from a trotro thumped his buttocks so badly on the ground that he might have been injured. It was crazy,” one eye witness told Thenationalpenonline.

Source: Rockson

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