NDC to smoke out moles

The Largest opposition political party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has instituted new mechanisms to help identify possible moles, who may try to sneak into the party.
In line with this policy, the party has started auditing the names of all registered members so that fake members would be fingered out and their names expunged from the register.
The Deputy Communications Director of the party, Kwaku Boahen, who made the disclosure, said it is dangerous when fake party people get registered into a political party.
According to him, such ‘members’ could easily instigate genuine members to foment confusion and instability in the party.
“The NDC, as a political party, has just finished registering all our members across the ten regions of the country and now we have started auditing the names to make sure that the moles are deleted from the list.
“We don’t want situations whereby fake people are registered as NDC members, who would turn around and cause unending troubles for the party, especially during electioneering periods”, Kwaku Boahen stated.
He lauded all those who contributed towards the recent internal elections, and stressed that the largest opposition party would need peace and unity to be able win the 2020 general elections.

Source: The Publisher

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