Maame Dokono Jabs Moesha Boduong Over Artificial Body

Veteran actress Maame Dokono has reportedly taken swipes at socialite Moesha Boduong over her comments on CNN that Ghanaian women offer sex to survive because of the country’s bad economy.

Speaking with JoyNews’ MzGee, Maame Dokono has asked Moesha to stop using her ‘artificial body’ to deceive Ghanaians because she went through a surgery to gain her shape.

She stated that no reasonable hardworking man will invest their moneys in women like Moesha just because of pleasure.

“You know what; most of these men that give these ladies money are politicians, they’re businessmen who didn’t struggle to get their money, and the moneys that are given to the ladies are stolen. They only thing that she is using to lure these guys is her butt and I think that it is artificial…What she said, I am so sad about it,” she said.

“I bet you after some time, they will never benefit from that. They will see what it will bring to them. Our body was not made to be used by a lot of men to make money and you know most of these men who give them are politicians, they are businessmen who maybe, actually didn’t struggle to get their money,” Maame Dokono added.

Source: Daily Guide

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