Shatta Wale Hits Big With ‘Gringo’

The video for Shatta Wale‘s new song, ‘Gringo’, is enjoying viewership, recording one million views on YouTube in less than 10 days of release.

Ahead of its release on April 27, the video was described as Shatta Wale’s most expensive music video so far in his illustrious career.

Even though some persons have criticised it, that didn’t affect viewership as the video is still trending in the YouTube space. It has been in the YouTube top trends since last week.

‘Gringo’ is currently one of the most talked about songs in Ghana.

Last week, Shatta Wale begged President Akufo-Addo to hashtag the song; a request that made headlines.

Prior to that, a lot of his fan base engaged in the ‘Gringo Challenge’ by mimicking Shatta’s performance in the video to give the song a massive push. ‘Gringo’ has come off Shatta Wale’s upcoming ‘Reign’ album and its video captured in a short film is directed by internationally-recognised video director, Sesan, for Film Factory and produced by David Nguyen.

Shot in the province of Blanco, Texas, USA, at the Buggy Barn Museum and cast in the 1880s, the film cast over 20 international actors, in what is arguably tagged as the most expensive video shot by any home-grown artiste from Africa.

Source: Daily Guide

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