SKY Girls premiers anti-tobacco movie

Sky Girls’ Empowerment Initiative has premiered an exciting teen movie to help in its campaign against tobacco smoking especially among young girls.

The movie dubbed: Sugar, Spice and Sauce which is the latest addition to the SKY Girls anti-tobacco arsenal is about self-discovery, friendships and parenting all with the aim of pushing an anti-tobacco campaign.

The movie which featured seasoned actor Senanu Gbedawo, stars like Adina Thembi, Cina Soul, and Caroline Sampson of Y-FM was premiered at the Silverbird cinema in Accra.

The new exciting teen movie made here in Ghana by Now Available Africa in Collaboration with 3rd Channel Direct.

Sky Girls’ Empowerment Initiative it is part of a global anti-tobacco campaign led by a UK consultancy firm, Good Business and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Over the years, tobacco smoking has insidiously made its way into the lives of young women in Ghana and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation launched the SKY Girls project to wrestle this issue.

It is part of a global anti-tobacco campaign led by a UK consultancy firm, Good Business and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Students from Senior and Junior High Schools including Achimota School, Labone SHS and Merton International school were there to watch the movie.

The students mostly girls interacted took pictures and got autographs from the characters they had just fallen in love with on the big screen.

After such a successful premiere Sugar, Spice and Sauce is currently on a school tour where thousands of girls will also get to experience it and even win cool prizes for watching.

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