Kumasi gang rape: Otiko sad, disappointed

The Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Otiko Afisah Djaba, has strongly condemned the behaviour of the four young men who gang-raped a young girl in Ashanti Region.

The Minister has also condemned the circulation of the video which has gone viral on social media by some section of the media and other individuals.

Otiko Djaba noted that the show or circulation of the nude video does not only further violates the human rights of the girl (victim) but also exposes her nakedness, dents her integrity and can trigger stigmatization.

“I take this opportunity to condemn in no uncertain terms, the rape incident involving a young girl which is going viral on social media. I am very sad and feel disappointed that a young Ghanaian girl will suffer this wicked act from those young guys. This criminal and the law must deal with them”.

Speaking at the National Stakeholder Consultative Workshop to Validate the Draft Social Protection Policy Implementation Plan in Accra, Otiko Djaba, also a mother of four, maintained that it is totally unacceptable for any Ghanaian child to undergo any form of abuse such as rape, defilement, assault or trafficking.

She, therefore, charged the Police in Ashanti Region to go after all the four rapists and bring them to book.

Commending the Police for the steps taken so far, the Minister for Gender said that arresting and prosecuting perpetrators of crimes would bring sanity and discipline in the society.

According to her, the incidences of rape and defilement were becoming rampant in Ghana and called on all Ghanaians to join the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection to condemn the behaviour of the four boys and also ensure that women and girls are protected in society.

She entreated the police to equally arrest people who would attempt to circulate or spread the video of the young girl on social media or on any media platforms.

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