‘Contemporary Ghanaian Music Lack Standards’

The Central Regional Minister, Kwamena Duncan, has disclosed that the content of contemporary Ghanaian music lacks standards for preserving the rich cultural values and norms of the country.

He underscored that contemporary music in the country has failed to serve the purpose of preserving and promoting socio-cultural norms and values since the emphasis has always been on economic gains.

Mr Duncan made these observations during a performing arts forum organised by the Centre for National Culture (CNC), in collaboration with the Department of Music and Dance of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) to celebrate legends of Mfantse folk music.
The forum, which was held in honour of three Ghanaian folklore musicians- Mr Jonathan Anfoh, Mr Moses Okyir and Mr Kwamena Pra – was on the theme: ‘The Role of Music In The Promotion & Preservation of Socio-Cultural Values & Norms In Ghana’.

The three were respectively honoured with a citation, a plaque and some presents for using Mfantse folk music to promote socio-cultural norms and values in the country.

Mr Duncan said the contribution of music to a nation’s development cannot not be overemphasized, but indicated that the rich music showing the diversity of Ghanaians culture should not be allowed to become extinct.

He, therefore, called on all relevant stakeholders to, as a matter of urgency, put in place pragmatic steps to reverse the trend for Ghanaian music to serve it true purpose.

On his part, the head of Performing Arts & Programmes at the CNC, Mr Fio Richardson Commey, cited the need for attention to be given on the content, richness, wisdom, education and information embedded in the country’s folk music.

“Folk music and dance is the mirror that reflects who we are and how the society expects us to co-exist with ourselves. It expresses our true way of life,” he said.

With the contribution of music, Mr Commey bemoaned how some musical types are affecting the behaviour of the Ghanaian youth.

According to him, research suggests that the youth spend an average of three hours per day listening to music and over four hours watching television, and emphasized the need to regulate the content of music that the youth listen to.

Source: Daily Guide

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