Trial of George Osei Mensah, alleged Vandal killer, starts next year

The trial of George Osei Mensah, the man who stabbed a former member of Commonwealth Hall on the University of Ghana campus over the weekend, would start in earnest at the beginning of the new Year.
Mensah was arraigned before court Tuesday and the trial judge adjourned the case till January, remanding the suspect into police custody until then.
Mensah allegedly stabbed Martin Tweneboah Kodua, aka Chief Tipsy, on Saturday after a disagreement between them.
Tipsy, an old Vandal, died from his wounds and Mensah was arrested for the crime.
At the Madina District Magistrate Court on Tuesday, trial judge Justice Delali Anku made the decision to adjourn the case whilst remanding the suspect in custody.
The delay is to allow the Attorney General’s office to study the case docket and make their recommendations. It is also to allow police complete their investigations into the matter and for an autopsy report to be completed.
The case resumes on January 9, 2018.

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