PNC to sue Atik Mohammed for impersonation, meeting with Akufo-Addo

The People’s National Convention (PNC) has threatened to sue suspended General Secretary Atik Mohammed for continuing to hold himself as an executive at public functions.

PNC First National Vice Chairman Henry Asante told Friday, the party considers the “court action as the only language” the suspended officer will understand.

He said the PNC will not be talked out of the decision because the party’s General Secretary was suspended in July last year by the “legitimate National Executive Committee,” an action Mr Mohammed has denied.

The party is incensed by the suspended General Secretary’s presence at president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s meeting with leaders of political parties Thursday.

The meeting was held to enable the president to solicit their views on some governance-enhancing measures the administration plans undertaking. Mr Mohammed attended and was introduced as the PNC General Secretary.

PNC National Chairman Bernard Mornah

Although the PNC National Chairman Bernard Mornah was also in attendance, he denied ever going with the Suspended General Secretary, Mr Asante said.

“Atik is no more our General Secretary, he was served a letter of suspension so he has to deal with that,” he told the reporter.

Mr Asante said an emergency NEC meeting has been summoned to consider a proposed suspension of Mr Mornah for not resisting Mr Mohammed’s presence at the meeting.

Mr Mohammed was suspended for “gross misbehaviour and misconduct” at the PNC’s extraordinary NEC meeting last year.

His accusers cited his repeated invectives on the party’s 2016 presidential candidate Dr Edward Mahama as one of his “sins” at the meeting.

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