Stonebwoy, Cassper Nyovest record joint track

Ghanaian dancehall artiste Stonebwoy has teamed up with South African heavyweight rapper, Cassper Nyovest on a new song.

Both Cassper Nyovest and Stonebwoy made this announcement via posts on the social media handles.

“Made a smash hit last night,” Stonebwoy wrote on Facebook on Wednesday afternoon.

This comes few days after Cassper had publicly chosen Stonebwoy as his favourite dance hall artiste in Africa.

Asked on Starr FM whether he had heard of Ghanaian dance hall kingpin Shatta Wale, Nyovest answered: “he [Shatta Wale] is trouble. “I have read a lot about him…but I don’t know his music yet but everybody says it is lit,” he stated.

The South African artiste whose comment was not taken likely by Shatta Wale’s fans is in Ghana to explore the music industry and do collaborations with some Ghanaian musicians.

This is the second time Cassper and Stonebwoy are doing a joint project. The first, ‘Fever’ was released in 2015.

Nyovest is winner of multiple international awards and author of platinum albums.

His hard work and controversial nature has earned him global acclaim especially when he filled up big stadiums across South Africa with monumental concerts.



Source: Citifmonline

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