No serious President will ever invite Shatta Wale to the Flagstaff house – Ayariga

Presidential candidate and leader of the All Peoples Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga has said only people who are not serious will invite Shatta Wale to the flagstaff house.

Shatta Wale was invited by the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo on his birthday. During the visit, they discussed the Creative Arts Industry and the need for government’s support to help build the industry which has the potential of turning the fortunes of Ghana around.

But reacting to the invitation by the President and the subsequent visit to the flagstaff house by Shatt Wale, Hassan Ayariga in an interview with Accra-based Joy News indicated that “Our President is busy smiling and busy laughing all the time. You can imagine the kind of workload that is lying down…”.

He said “If the President was serious…I would have expected the President to invite leaders of the country…to come and sit with him and ask them 10 months into my government what has gone wrong? How can we help build Ghana rather than being a birthday reporter”.

Ayariga indicated that the President has nothing to lose hence reason why he is relaxed and the country is currently in shambles.

“Our President is 73 years old…and the Presidency is a retirement package which he is enjoying. If you watch the President he is always laughing and smiling. He has nothing to lose”.

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