Rita Takes NPP Campaign To North

Former National Women’s Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Rita Talata Asobayire, is lacing her boots to contest the First National Vice Chairmanship position of the party.

As a result, she has commenced her campaign ahead of the NPP’s National Delegates’ Conference slated for June 2018.

Ms Asobayire, a founding member of the party, has already toured the various constituencies in the three northern regions.

The aspirant started the campaign in the Upper West Region where she sold her message of unity to the party’s delegates.

Owing to her immense contribution to the party’s memorable victory in the 2016 elections, Rita Talata Asobayire, believes that there is still more to be achieved by the party.

A statement issued by her campaign team stated that “significantly, she holds an enviable record and unprecedented political experience from various positions she has held in the party since 1992 from being a founding member of the party, a strong advocate of the Danquah Busia Dombo tradition and two-term national women’s organizer, as well as First National Vice Chairperson in New York which makes her stand tall among the candidates.

It added that “Rita Talata Asobayire focuses her efforts on ensuring the party’s policies and procedures are adhered to in order to engender a strong and disciplined party.”

“She is known for her effectiveness in the management of the party at the grassroots level at all times.

“She is poised to ensure that the party’s candidates for elections 2020, both parliamentary and presidential, are well marketed for a one-touch victory. She is convinced that the party flourishes if the youth participate. She is therefore proposing a policy to support the recruitment of the majority the youth at the grassroots level into well paying jobs.”

It said, “The campaign team and the First National Vice Chairperson hopeful will as part of her duties and policies visit all the 275 constituencies in the country to address issues pertaining to the constituency executives, as well as members of the grassroots respectively.”

Source: Daily Guide

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