GII’s Mercenary Assignment

In the countdown to the July date for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) internal elections at the highest echelon, many things are happening as contestants gird their loins for the duel.

But of useless value among the occurrences, however, is the one involving, albeit subtly, the jumping into the fray of NPP politics by the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) whose Programmes Director has passed comments and announced threats which have robbed it of reverence.

We find it disturbing that an integrity initiative such as the one under review, would allow itself to be used to champion the cause of a contestant in a pending electoral duel.

The lady at the centre of it, who appears to be eagle-eyed on the political space, could have put herself and for that matter, the GII, into better use than dabble in a terrain which she does not appear to understand too well safe what she has been fed by a contestant in the race.

Aren’t there enough rotten eggs in the integrity basket of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) for the GII to deal with? We wish that she spares some moments to look at the mobile interoperability blues than the mercenary manouvres she is enmeshed in.

The lady has exhibited a propensity to misunderstand issues and so we would not be surprised if she turns our commentary upside down so it would connote something it was not intended to.

Otherwise she would not have misrepresented Mr Freddie Blay’s business project for the membership of the NPP in and outside power as she did.

The 275 buses for the various constituencies business plan across the country has been given a special name in order that it may be successfully hanged at the marketplace.

We shudder to wonder what awaits our fledgling democracy when a civil society entity such as this would display traits associated with the serial calling industry. Fortunately, most Ghanaians are awake and clearly see between the lines in such murky manouvres.

We do not intend belabouring the 275 bus project which the acting Chairman’s adversaries including the GII would have rather suffers a moral setback fit to be thrown into the political incinerator.

The GII is ironically losing the integrity for which it was established. If the initiative is unable to generate programmes, let the programmes director contact us and we would be glad to assist with valuable suggestions.

When the GII finishes creating and fueling intra-party animosity in the NPP, we doubt it would have legs to stand on as an integrity enhancing initiative on the political terra firma. The GII started listing on the integrity rating chart a few years ago when its political preference started manifesting in the manner it was addressing morality issues.

At this stage we are constrained to write them off as an initiative bereft of integrity for it to be considered an unbiased player on the political plane.

As for the threat to drag the Acting Chairman to CHRAJ or and EOCO it has tarried for too long.

Source: Daily Guide

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