Grace Mugabe was Pres. Mugabe’s ‘Delilah’ – Okudzeto Ablakwa


November 24, 2017

Former Deputy Minister of Education, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has described the wife of former Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe as the Delilah in his life.
“The death of his first wife (Sally Mugabe) no doubt affected him. Sally’s provided Mugabe with wise counsel and that helped him steer the affairs of the country well,” Okudzeto stated. “But it seems that the second wife did not help him. I have likened his story to the biblical story of Sampson and Delilah. Although, some may state that he was the man of the house and should have been firm, one can still not discount the contribution of the wife to his unpopularity,” he added.
He said Grace Mugabe’s inordinate presidential ambition eventually led to the unpopularity and unpopular exit of Mugabe stressing that Mugabe did not exhibit good foresight and political strategy.
He, however, praised former Zimbabwean leader for his controversial land reclamation and redistribution policy that plunged the country into economic woes.
According to Okudzeto, the policy was critical to giving the black indigenes a sense of dignity as the land ownership regime then was unfair to the black indigenes.
“If you consider what is happening in neighbouring South Africa where blacks sometimes embark on Xenophobic attacks because of the feeling that they have not been given their due, then one can only appreciate the contribution of Mugabe in that regard,” Okudzeto stated on Okay FM.
Ever since he addressed the land issue he became an enemy of the west and they began to squeeze him to the point that there was an agenda for regime change. They decided to send the country on its knees so as to force him out of government.
He also praised Mugabe for his massive investments in the country’s education system making Zimbabwe one of the country’s with the highest literacy rates on the continent.
He said the death of Sally affected Mugabe as Sally provided her wise counsel and that seemed to have
He called for a proactive measure and a humanitarian gesture from the government of Ghana to to him and offer him a place in the country for his resettlement and relaxation considering his close ties with the country and his contribution to pan Africanism.

Source: Rockson

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