First Lady Honoured In Kigali

Ghana’s First Lady, Rebecca Akufo-Addo, has received the ‘Excellence in Empowering Women and Children Award’ from the Africa Public Sector Conference and Awards (APSCA) 2018 held in Kigali, Rwanda.

The first lady was honoured for her outstanding contribution to women’s health and efforts against infant mortality in Ghana and across Africa.

Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister,Otiko Afisah Djaba who represented the First Lady in Kigali said Mrs Akufo-Addo’s impressive commitment and purpose-driven interventions over the years, towards promoting the well-being of women and children makes her deserving of the prestigious award.

She added that her ministry was proud of the First Lady for gaining recognition on the continent and beyond as well as for her consistent work in improving infant well-being. Ms Djaba cited the First Lady’s efforts in renovating the Komfo Anokye Mother and Baby Unit as well as her leadership vis-à-vis on-going works at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Cancer centre, as a clear testament that makes deserving of the recognition.

Country Director of APSCA, Ms Carolyn Opata, also said the First Lady’s award is in recognition of the giant strides she has made in diverse ways to improve maternal and child health care in the country.

According to Ms. Opata, the award was for people who had contributed to the development of their countries in Africa. It recognises the fact that her activities in this regard predate her becoming the First Lady of Ghana.

Ms. Djaba and her ministry also received separate awards for their outstanding contribution to gender and child rights and for the promotion of gender equality.

Other awards for Ghana were the Excellence in Electricity Service Delivery, which went to the Electricity Company of Ghana; Excellence in Public Procurement and Best Practice Award was won by the Public Procurement Authority of Ghana, while the Africa Public Sector CEO of the Year went to the Managing Director, Electricity Company of Ghana, Mr. Samuel Boakye-Appiah.

Another Ghanaian woman, Professor Margaret Kobia, the first female Cabinet Secretary, was also honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

South Africa grabbed the Outstanding Woman in Public Service Award which went to the country’s Minister of Public Service and Administration, Ms Ayanda Dlodlo while Rwanda took the Most Outstanding Country award in Public Procurement.

Source: Starrfmonline

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