CR NPP Retains Chairman Kutin

TRUE TO the projections ahead of the polls, Robert Kutin Jnr has been elected Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Central Region.

During the Central Regional delegates’ conference that was held at the weekend, Mr. Kutin Jnr was elected with 263 votes, whilst his rival, Ben Ayeh, garnered184 votes.

A survey conducted by Africa Firm for Survey and Research (AFSUR) had projected that Mr Kutin Jnr was going to win the chairmanship race by 70 percent of the total votes that would be cast.

That was after he had received endorsements from several key delegates and members of the party in the region.

Other candidates that emerged victorious at the polls include Horace Ekow Ewusi, who polled 327 votes in the 1st Vice Chairman race, as against Joe Donkoh, 97 votes and Agyeaman Kessie 30.

It surprised some party pundits that Frank Hutchful, who garnered188 votes, lost the Second Vice Chairman slot to Kingsley K. Bondzie, considering the fact that Mr. Hutchful had also been projected by AFSUR to win the position.

For the Regional Secretary race, Richard Takyi-Mensah emerged victorious with George Ayisi trailing behind him. Former Central Regional Correspondent of DAILY GUIDE, Sarah Afful, won the Assistant Regional Secretary slot in a landslide fashion (390 votes) whilst her challenger, Murtala, had 64.

Ms. Afful and Takyi-Mensah’s victories were not really surprising as the AFSUR survey had for instance, projected Ms. Afful to win by 71 percent whilst Mr. Takyi-Mensah was projected to win by 64 percent.

Dr. Joseph Essibu won the Regional Treasurer position with 350 votes, as against Sam’s 103 votes, whilst the Women’s Organizer position was won by Charlotte Adwoa Anti with 204 votes.

The Regional Nasara Coordinator position went to Abubakar Osuman and Percy was elected Regional Organizer.

Source: Daily Guide

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