Blows Over NDC Polls

Branch elections of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), which are currently taking place across all the 275 constituencies in the country, have been marred by fracas to the chagrin of party leaders, notably ex-President John Mahama.

“In some of the constituencies, the branch elections of the NDC have been hit with exchange of blows by party members, who are eager to be elected as party executives,” the former Ghana leader told party people in Kumasi on Saturday.

Mr. Mahama expressed gross concern about the situation in an address to NDC members, who were bused from all the 47 constituencies to take part in the NDC’s ‘Unity Walk’ in Kumasi.

He warned the party members, especially those that have the desire to be elected as party leaders at the branch level to exercise restraint and make sure that the important party programme is held peaceful.

According to the former president, the NDC members should make sure that the guidelines issued by the party leadership to make the branch elections peaceful and successful are strictly followed by party members.

“I will entreat you to follow the party’s guidelines so that the branch elections of our dear political party which are taking place across all the constituencies would be peaceful and successful in the supreme interest of the party.

However, despite the confusion in some of the constituencies, Mr Mahama said the situation also has some positive results for the largest opposition political party.

“The blows for positions at the branch level of our party also indicate that the party is attractive at the grassroots level in recent times, hence people’s desire to get elected as NDC branch executives at all cost.

“Some few years ago, people were not interested in the branch level positions of our political party but now the situation has changed and it shows that our party is growing and becoming attractive.”

Mr. Mahama said the NDC would depend heavily on its branch members to police the ballot box across all the 275 constituencies in the country to help prevent rigging by their political opponents.

Source: Daily Guide

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