Wenger Wanted By Clubs

Former Arsenal vice-chairman, David Dein believes Arsene Wenger will have ‘no shortage of offers’ should he wish to continue his managerial career.

The Gunners boss announced on Friday that he will stand down at the end of the season following a spell of 22 years at the helm.

And Dein, who brought Wenger to the club in 1996, believes the Frenchman will be in high demand following his departure.

Dein told Sky Sports: ‘Over the last few years, I know for a fact that he’s been approached by some of the biggest clubs in the world – I think of Real Madrid, Paris St Germain, the national team wanted him at one stage.

‘There will be no shortage of offers.

‘I personally had calls from various people yesterday, saying, “Can I speak to him?”.

‘The question is, does he want to do it anymore?

‘He’s going to be 69 in October but he’s extraordinarily fit. He is the same weight as when I met him – 75 kilos.

‘He’s got a very active mind and such a knowledge of the game.’

Source: Daily Guide

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