Video: Kafui Danku without wedding ring raises eyebrows

Actress Kafui Danku has shared her touching story in her maiden book ‘Silence Is Not Golden’.

In the book, the actress cum producer detailed the disappointments and misfortunes she experienced after marriage contrary to her expectations.

Mrs Danku said the book seeks to encourage women who may be going through similar situations to enable them to shun societal pressure and speak out.

“The last few years of my life has been very challenging, it’s been filled with disappointments and a little stress. So while I was going through that phase, I realised that a lot of other women were going through the same phase due to emotions that were suppressed,” she told Joy News’ MzGee.

“I have suffered a lot in silence and there are a lot of women suffering in silence; so this book has the solution to women who are childless. Women who have been on the journey before, women are waiting on God for their miracle, women who want to be a part of the solution and also men who are genuinely concerned,” she said.

The cover page of the book featured a picture of Kafui Danku without her wedding band.

Although Kafui Danku insists she was still ‘happily married’, she admitted to Joy News that the omission of the ring could draw attention to elements of the memoir.

She said it is an invitation to get up close and personal.

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Source: Hitz FM

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