Salah Breaks EPL Record

Mohamed Salah has broken the Premier League goals record with his 32nd strike in Liverpool’s final game of the season against Brighton and Hove Albion.

Salah’s record-setting goal came in the 26th minute, when he shot first time on the turn in the penalty area after a neat forward pass by Dominic Solanke.

The Egyptian has surpassed the long-standing record of 31 goals, which was jointly held by Alan Shearer (1995-96), Cristiano Ronaldo(2007-08) and former Liverpool striker Luis Suarez (2013-14).
Shearer was quick to take to Twitter to congratulate Salah.

‘Congratulations @MoSalah on the new goal-scoring record. I enjoyed it while it lasted!’

Shearer still holds the record for most goals in a 42-game season along with Andy Cole. The former England international hit 34 goals in the 1993-94 (Shearer) and 1994-95 (Cole) season respectively.

Salah looked on course to break that record as well after reaching 31 goals with three games to spare, but he surprisingly failed to find the net in Liverpool’s games against Stoke City (0-0) and Chelsea (0-1).

Source: BBC

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