Operation Vanguard Storms Mining Site

Government’s anti-illegal mining taskforce, Operation Vanguard has destroyed some mining equipment belonging to a Chinese national, Aisha Huang, who is standing trial for illegal mining.

The operation, which was conducted at illegal mining sites in Asuogyaman and Nyamebekyere in the Amansie Central District of the Ashanti Region, according to the task force, was based on intelligence gathered.

Speaking to Citi News, the Joint Commander of Operation Vanguard Task Force, Col. Michael Amoah-Ayisi said although no arrests were made as the miners had bolted, the task force destroyed some equipment they left behind, including some belonging to Ms Huang.

“Though we missed them by a few seconds, they had a lot of things to suggest that they were there so we destroyed some mining equipment and water pumps they left behind.”

Col Ayisi also expressed worry over how illegal miners who had been apprehended were granted bail, saying some of them return to the mining sites once they are released.

“The ‘galamseyers’ are also very witty and very intelligent in their act. Only God knows whether those on bail are sitting at home. When they are granted bail they will still maneuver and return.”

Trucks burnt; Owners, Minority fume

A few weeks ago, a similar exercise by the task force saw the destruction of equipment at a mining site in the Kumbugu District of the Northern Region where a backup squad of the task-force had been assigned to bring an end to the menace of illegal sand winning.

A contingent of armed military personnel set fire to the equipment in the Dalun River, a tributary of the White Volta.

The action was allegedly taken by the military after several warnings to the sand winners to stop their illegal activity close to the river had yielded no results.

The Minority caucus in Parliament had subsequently stated that it will support a court action by the affected persons against the state.

The Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu, said the burning of the said tipper trucks was unlawful.

“The wicked burning of those 14 tipper trucks is excessive and extrajudicial and therefore legally unjustifiable and untenable, and we will pursue this matter to its utmost and logical conclusion. Nothing will stop us from asking for adequate compensation for the affected persons as due process was not respected and upheld,” he said.

“Rights have been disrespected and rights have been breached. The right to own property and the right to own a tipper truck for the purpose of livelihood has been undermined.”

Source: Daily Guide

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