NPP Gov’t Fulfills Road Construction Promise

Although the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government is not even halfway through its first term, the campaign promise of road construction in the Ashanti Region seems to be on course.

Eight out of 30 urban roads projects have been awarded to contractors for work to begin within the next three months.

Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei-Mensah, who announced this at a press conference in Kumasi yesterday, said the remaining 22 were still under procurement process.

“They will soon be awarded to contract for work to commence as part of efforts to improve most of the urban roads in Kumasi, including the ring-road project,” he indicated.

He disclosed that the projects include a 2.5-kilometre asphalt relay from Tech Junction to Anloga Junction, being undertaken by Core Construction; a 12.5-kilometre asphalt relay from Anloga Junction through Airport roundabout to Suame roundabout to link the Sofoline interchange to be undertaken by Semen’s Construction.

The minister said the North/South road from the Sofoline interchange through Santasi roundabout to Ahodwo roundabout and the Asokwa interchange will also see improvement.

“We are still engaging the sector minister in order to do the dualisation of that road to complete the ring road,” Mr. Osei-Mensah stated.

“There is another contractor who will work on Bantama roads through to Manhyia; and the contractor has promised to be on site by the middle of this month,” he added and continued that people would see the work that government is doing as far as road construction is concerned.

The regional minister said the Ahinsan-Lake road had also been awarded for dualisation to be extended by seven kilometers more than the original agreed length.

“The others, pothole patching, resealing, shoulder maintenance and repairs are also among the projects to be undertaken,” he revealed and added that 13 feeder roads and highways will also see facelift.

He asserted that regardless of the criticisms by certain elements, he believes that President Akufo-Addo’s commitment should not be seen as ineffectual.

Source: Daily Guide

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