Man Butchers Girl, 13 To Death

Koando-Abanu in the Kpando Municipality of the Volta Region has been thrown into a state of mourning following the gruesome murder of a 13-year-old girl in the area.

The girl, a class five pupil of Abanu M/A Primary School at Kpando, was said to have been butchered by a man believed to be mentally challenged.

Residents alleged that the suspect, Wisdom Akude, 27, attacked the victim Rejoice Dornudenu on Monday afternoon whilst she was weeding on the school’s park.

Wisdom reportedly inflicted cutlass wounds on her neck, arm and chest.

It is unclear whether the deceased provoked Wisdom.

Unfortunately, she was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Margaret Marqurat Catholic Hospital in Kpando.

The body has since been deposited at the morgue of the same hospital pending autopsy.

A source at the Kpando Police Station confirmed the incident and said the suspect had been arrested.

DAILY GUIDE has gathered that the police had commenced investigations into the incident.

The latest incident has caused fear and panic among residents.

Recently, the decomposing body of another school pupil at the Kpando Special School was found with his genitalia and eye removed. He went missing about two weeks ago.

The residents called on the authorities to boost security in the area and swiftly prosecute the perpetrators of the barbaric acts.

Source: Daily Guide

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