KUMACA deaths: Health expert fears cover-up

A health expert has expressed concerns that there may be attempts to cover-up the real cause of deaths at the Kumasi Academy.
While there have been some claims that the deaths could be attributed to CSM, some health officials in the country have dismissed such claims.
But the health expert who spoke on condition anonymity said he was tempted to believe that the country’s health officials are covering up the real cause of deaths.
“There have been eight deaths and it has been days. If our health system can still not come out with the real cause of death, then I think we should be questioning our system. Yes, in some cases diseases can take longer to unravel but I am suspicious that this may just be a case of health officials to create a mystery in order to escape blame,” he stated.
The health expert added that given what happened in April in the same school when three students lost their lives to what eventually turned out to CSM, the country health officials should be held culpable if it is confirmed that the deaths could be attributed to CSM.
“Look, there was an outbreak in April; initially there was an uncertainty about the cause and it was later confirmed to be CSM. If there is another CSM outbreak, then you have to appreciate that some people have been sleeping on their jobs and have questions to answer. I think there is a cover-up here in order to escape blame and criticism,” he stated.

Source: Thenationalpenonline/2017/Kwabena Rockson

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