Kojo Antwi moved by God’s wonderwork on suicidal actor

The story last week of how life-battered Kumawood actor, Bernard Kwame Nyarko once made a U-turn from the verge of taking his own life may have been lost on many.

In a week when fellow actress Moesha Boudong chose to seize every media platform so she could be harangued for daring to paint all Ghanaian women with one brush on an international platform when she disclosed she has made it her business to make rich husbands sponsor her choice lifestyle for benefits, anything could have been lost.

But Bernard’s amazing story, thinking he had come to the end of the road because he saw no more reason to trudge on in life, as he told it last week, certainly did not escape Mr Music Man Kojo Antwi.

Privately the musician of legendary dimensions said he was whispering “God is wonderful” to himself upon hearing the actor’s own confession that it took one particular song to convict him out of the wrong step he had opted for and almost executed.

According to Nyarko, with his heart heavy and soul sunken to its lowest ebb following one failure after another and disappointment upon disappointment in life while the “pains were growing from bad to worse”, his best calculations had left him clutching a loaded gun in hand, ready to pull the trigger, with a suicide note ready in place.

The former athlete turned preacher and actor said it was at this stage that Kojo Antwi’s music stepped in.

It was sudden, and all he could hear was Kojo Antwi’s song “Sunkwa” (Pray for life) playing on Kumasi-based Ash FM radio. To his amazement, the lyrics turned out to be the antidote to his immediate predicament. He felt disarmed and gave up trying to shoot himself dead. In his suicide note he said he had wished his loved ones a goodbye, and explained why he could no longer continue to bear the shame and fruitlessness life appeared to have in store him.

But when the Twi music played;

Sika yi sɛ mannya bi a, mannya bi a, mannya bi a, (If I’ve no money)
ɛdan mansi bi a, mansi bi a, mansi bi a, (If I’ve failed to build a house)
Abrokyire mannkɔ bi a, mannkɔ bi a, mannkɔ bi a, (If I’ve been unable to travel abroad)
Mennkɔ sɛn me ho oo, (I’ll not hang myself)
Menni awerɔho oo,… (I’ll not be sad)
Nkwa ne ahoɔden, ɛno nkoa n’ehia me ee, (Long life and good health are all I need)
Aboterɛ ne akokoduro, ɛno nkoa n’ehia me ee (Patience and courage are all I need)

He felt instant relief from the musical therapy.

On the phone to Kojo Antwi, he told Graphic Online that throughout his music career he has come across many people (including his fans) who bore testimony to benefitting from his songs. From encouragement to gratitude, love, marriage, peaceful coexistence, yes, many have expressed gratitude.

“Bernard’s case is special, however. Never has anyone said my music helped save his life and I’m grateful to God for this miracle. You know, you mind your business and strive to do your best and God makes you an instrument to save a life from destruction, I’m really happy,” he told Graphic Online, and added, “indeed music has a powerful therapy”.

Bernard Nyarko made his confession on Hiplife radio, saying he has been through challenging times before and is thankful God is in control of his life presently.

Source: Daily Graphic

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