Ebony Replies Multimedia Group’s Senior Journalist

Gradually, Ebony Reigns is descending on all the individuals who seem to have problems with her sense of fashion and the latest to get his fair share is Broadcast Journalist with the Multimedia Group, Manasseh Azure.

The Journalist in a love letter written to Ebony some weeks ago complained about the cheap exposure of her private part for fame and the need for Ebony to focus on her art rather than expose private parts to the world.

Parts of his letter read “talented musician with an awesome voice, as a result, she should focus more on her music than showcasing her precious assets to the public”.

Although Ebony did not comment on the letter, she certainly read it and has replied the journalist known for his investigative works.

Ebony said “Dear Manasseh azure Azure, I have a new song out and is called maame hw3. its a campaign song to STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.i am expecting another lengthy letter from you on this one, or you only write love letters to me when i have a wardrobe malfunction? pls let me know. Its ur girl ebony reigns, the 90’s badgyal”.



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