Auditor-General to probe GBC’s IGF from last 24 years

The Auditor General has asked to audit the internally generated funds of the state broadcaster, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation for the last 24 years.

A letter to that effect which called for “full co-operation”, dated January 5 and addressed to the Director General of GBC, said a three-member team has been formed “to execute the assignment within two weeks, starting from 15th January 2018.”

The letter, signed by the Ag. Dep. Auditor-General, Cornelius Normanyo for the Auditor-General, emphasises the mandate of the Auditor General as per Article 187(2) of the 1992 Constitution to audit all state institutions.

“The Auditor General has requested for the audit of the Internally Generated Funds (IGF) of Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC). The period of the audit covers January 1993 to December 2017”, the letter said.

The state broadcaster has been trending in the news lately following efforts by its management to enforce TV Licence Fee collection, particularly the establishment of special courts to prosecute offenders.

Views opposing the moves have dominated the discussions, with many asking for an outright scrapping of the law.

A statement issued Wednesday by the Chairman, GBC Governing Board, Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Adow Obeng, however, instructs the management of GBC “not to pursue any activity, or set of processes, leading to the prosecution of any individual for non-payment of the Television Licence Fee.”

The Board further assured the general public not to entertain any fear of any such possible prosecutions.

“With respect to the future of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, the Board recommends that the National Media Commission (NMC) drives the processes of engaging critical stakeholders, to resolve the status of GBC, and find a more enduring funding module, that would enable it to discharge its constitutional mandate.”


Source: Graphiconline

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