GHS 6m for road safety campaign when there are no street lights; Government lacks commonsense – Aplus

Controversial musician, Kwame A Plus has indicated that the governing NPP lacks commonsense considering the government’s ability to approve 6.5 million cedis for road safety campaign when there are no street lights on the Tema Motor way.
Government has approved an amount of 6.5 million for road safety campaign to end the carnage on the roads in Ghana and also to educate users of the roads.
But in a post on Facebook, the maverick musician indicated that the road safety campaign is of no essence when street lights are not working in the country.
He blamed such a decision taken by government on the lack of commonsense indicating a government with commonsense will rather replace the lights on the various roads rather than approve such an amount for an educational campaign.
He called on Ghanaians to rise up against a government that lacks commonsense in order to get them to do what is right.
A Plus said “Africa’s Problem in most cases are common sense issues. We pay road fund. When you buy prepaid you are charged streetlight levy. Apart from that we pay toll on the motorway. Can you imagine how much money is realised from toll on the motorway daily? Yet there is not a single streetlights on the motorway. Then you read that government has approved 6.5 million Ghana cedis for road safety campaign. We are going to campaign and tell people that what? They should be careful when driving in the dark? Maybe we can start with social media. Post this hashtag as many times as you can. It does not cost a thing to post this. I rather saves lives”.

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