Youth must venture into cocoa farming – Kufuor

Former President, John Agyekum Kufuor, has called on the youth to venture into cocoa farming as it is profitable and the surest way to sustain and increase cocoa production in Ghana.

Ghana produces about 800,000 tonnes of premium cocoa annually, the second highest after Cote d’Ivoire. However, large numbers of ageing cocoa farmers without adequate young and dynamic people to take over, the annual production target is under threat.

“According to COCOBOD, the average age of a cocoa farmer is 51 years as at 2015, this is not good for a country with youthful population as ours,” Ex-President Kufuor said.

He was speaking at the maiden Green Ghana Lecture Series organized by the Kuapa Kokoo Co-operative Farmers and Marketing Union Limited in commemoration of its 25th anniversary held under the theme: “Empowering and Attracting the second Generation farmers in a Ghana Beyond Aid.”

He explained that in 2001 to 2008, his government introduced policies to sustain cocoa production including fertilizer subsidy, mass spraying exercise, and upgrade of farmers’ price. He commended the incumbent government for pragmatic policies to boost cocoa production.

“This combination of history and economic reputation now, as a lower and middle income country, places cocoa at the centre of the Ghanaian agricultural identity. The path that Kuapa Kokoo is charting commendable” he added.

On the government’s role, Chief of Staff, Ms. Frema Opare, affirmed government’s commitment to ensure more value and sustainable growth of the cocoa industry.

She stated that government is aware of the challenges and difficulties in the industry and will do its best to ensure the cocoa industry re-attains its position as the number one leading producer in cocoa production.

According to her, the groundbreaking Strategic Pact signed between Ghana and Ivory Coast in March 2018 serves as a turning point in cocoa pricing.

“The pact will lead to harmonization of cocoa marketing policies of both Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire and will ensure equal pricing for cocoa in both the local and international markets,” he said.

Together with opportunities provided by the One District One Factory initiative, the cocoa sector in Ghana presents a very positive outlook, as she maintains the measures will help facilitate cocoa processing and promote local patronage of cocoa products.

Samuel Adimado, the Managing Director Kuapa Kokoo Limited, disclosed that in partnership with Millennium Promise Alliance, they are about to launch the first ever TeleAgric Centre to support their members as well as the establishment of a pension scheme.

“We want to, in partnership with the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) and the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan(NEIP) introduce AgriSmart youth model farms targeting about 30,000 young people across our cocoa growing regions so we can monitor, coach, guide and empower the next-generation of cocoa farmers in Ghana”.

The President of Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union, Fatima Ali, urged young women to go into farming to replace older ones retiring from farming in the country.

Already, she has designed a project called the “Young Women in Cocoa Production Project” which is expected to empower young women and participate actively in agribusiness.

The management of Kuapa Kokoo Limited also awarded two former Presidents, Jerry John Rawlings and John Agyekum Kufour for their various contributions to the cocoa sector.

Current President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, was also honoured as well as the Chief of Staff, Ms. Frema Osei.

Kuapa Kokoo seeks to develop itself into a formidable farmer-based organisation capable of mobilising quality cocoa products, improving the livelihood of members and satisfying customers.





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    Video slots are another form of online slot machine. This type of slot tends to offer a more immersive experience and allows players to win through interactive bonus features or 3D animation. Most online casinos will have a good range of video slots including games like Wheel of Fortune, Thunderstruck II and Wizard of Oz. Customer support can be a sticking point at many online casino sites in the UK as many of the smaller companies don’t offer a complete range of customer support options. At the bare minimum, these should include at least one point of contact for the slot site. Ideally, this would be in the form of live 24 7 chat or phone service. You might need to permit the software or app download to begin. Next, follow all the prompts on your screen, then install the casino as requested. Once the installation process is complete, you can launch the software or app to begin the registration process.

  22. The casino didn’t officially launch online until February 2015, but it has quickly made up for any lost time and is now a well-established online casino. This Resorts review will take a deep dive into everything the casino has to offer, including its games, promotions, banking and customer support. Unfortunately, not all of the online casinos in the industry are trustworthy, as some operators pretty on unregulated markets by offering predatory terms and conditions, bonuses that are highly restrictive or even using software that is able to be manipulated to give the casino a larger edge than they should. This isn’t the norm, but it does happen enough that it is something that all players should be aware of. Players should exercise caution before playing at these casinos due to delayed processing of withdrawals, poor customer service or poor terms and conditions.
    Our top IGT online casino recommendations offer fast, well-designed mobile platforms so that players can enjoy their favorite IGT slots and table games while on the go. These platforms have been optimized to be enjoyed on both iOS and Android devices, whether that be tablets and smartphones. IGT’s iconic slot machines that dominate casino floors have been transformed into IGT Interactive (PlayAnywhere) versions for online casino players. Blockbuster casino slot games like Wheel of Fortune and Sex in the City are available online. The ruling in the US District Court for the District of Rhode Island means that the Wire Act applies only to sports betting — not online casino gaming or real money online poker in the US. Looking for more offers? Here are the biggest online casino no deposit bonus codes available to US players.

  23. CS:GO skin ruletka była wyjątkowo dobrze znana, zanim Valve dodało siedmiodniową blokadę wymiany do każdej rzeczy CS:GO wymienianej między kontami. Oznacza to, że zakładając, że klient otrzyma skin z wymiany, powinien wytrzymać siedem dni, aby można było wymienić ten skin na inny rekord. Większość graczy, którzy korzystali ze skórek CS: GO, od tego czasu wymieniła się na cyfrowe formy pieniędzy, ponieważ raty są szybkie, podstawowe i bezpieczne. Masz aktywną subskrypcję? Zaloguj się lub wypróbuj za darmo wydanie testowe. Oczywiście każda oferta, w skład której wchodzi 25 euro darmowa kasa na start (lub “25€ no deposit bonus“), ma pewne warunki dodatkowe, takie jak na przykład wymóg obrotu lub czas obowiązywania. Na przykład dla wspomnianej przez nas powyżej promocji dla Ice Casino wygląda to następująco.
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    We’re committed to Good Farming Practice This upgrade is designed to allow poker players from Michigan and New Jersey to play together, as both states participate in the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement. Some of them are genuine, honest companies, but as you can imagine, there are others that are not so good. We’ve looked at the existing operators to determine where to find the best online poker in Australia, so you don’t have to try to get random luck and find a good room by chance. Rest assured, all the sites mentioned are safe and trusted because if they weren’t, we wouldn’t include them here and put them on our list of blacklisted sites instead. Before this new law, the governing law was the Interactive Gaming Act of 2001. In addition to below, you can login to your account through our website and visit the Cashier to deposit.

  28. Играта в онлайн казино е свързана с много предимства, но и някои неудобства. Много често не можем да бъдем достатъчно често пред компютъра и може да изтървем страхотни промоции. За щастие в наши дни всяко онлайн казино разработва мобилна версия, с която да бъде по-лесно достъпно. Зависи от бонусната политика на компанията, но най-често бездепозитният бонус е достъпен за начинаещи само веднъж — при откриване на сметка. Изключение може да бъде допълнителен бонус, който се предоставя с промокод. Ако играчът се опита да надхитри оператора и създаде допълнителен профил, това може да бъде открито. В този случай сметката ще бъде блокирана, а печалбите ще бъдат анулирани.
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