‘Small little NDC character’ paid $3m cash for 2 mansions after we lost 2016 – Rawlings

Former President Jerry Rawlings has said a “small little character” within his National Democratic Congress (NDC) paid $3 million in cash in one day for two “mansions”, each costing $1.5 million right after the party lost power in the 2016 elections.

Narrating that story to party cadres at a durbar in Madina to mark the 39th anniversary of the June 4 Uprising, to buttress his point about the “kind of sins and nasty evil things” that NDC members do as far as corruption is concerned, the former military leader said he was amazed that people of such stained character would rather turn around to accuse him, his wife Nana Konadu and Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu, of wrongdoing.

“So what did this small little character do? After we lost the 2016 elections, I said he went and paid cash for two mansions – one for himself, one for his wife.

“And of course, the man who was selling his property that he had built for sale, should have been happy, isn’t it? Because he was making profit. I said he was very sad and very angry. Why do you think he was angry? Because he had sweated to build these houses to sell for profit and instead of the money coming into his account, or being given a cheque, he was being given cash. What does that mean? That he had to spend the whole night counting the $1.5 million times two, making it $3 million”, Mr Rawlings said.

Source: classfmonline.com
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