Nana Addo was boarding trotro, visiting chop bars…who are you protecting him against?

...Kwesi Pratt asks

Senior Journalist, Kwesi Pratt, has slammed National Security operatives for what he describes as needless eviction of vendors close in the neighbourhood of the Nima residence of President Akufo Addo.
The move by the National Security Operatives coming on the heels of a prophecy by an ally of the president, Rev Owusu Ansah is brewing controversy with strong views expressed both for and against it.
Speaking on Peace FM, Kwesi Pratt said the move by the National Security was in very bad taste and betrayal of the trust the people had reposed in the president. He argued that for years the traders had operated in the area but seems now they are not wanted there anymore.
“Before the elections, I saw my brother, Nana Addo in queues and what trotro did he not board; what chop bar did he not visit…yet today the very people he visited have become threats. Does it mean that if you become president, then chop bar operators and workshop tenders become security threats?” he questioned.
However, some security experts have dismissed the views of Mr. Pratt as ignorant. One expert told The National Pen that there was a world of difference between Nana Addo the Presidential Candidate and Nana Addo the President.
“There is nothing wrong with the move by the National Security operatives. The president must be protected and if their assessment reveals potential threats, then they must act accordingly. We may not be privy to all the information they may have since these are security matters,” he stated.

Source: Thenationalpenonline

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