Meet the young media entrepreneur set to release movie on Asantehemaa’s burial

The high unemployment rate in Ghana has created the awareness on the need for the youth to invest in entrepreneurship rather than depend on jobs in the public sector.

The President, Nana Akufo-Addo, has always encouraged the youth to venture into this field.

Two young people who saw this vision in 2014 got the ball rolling by setting up a media production studio, known as the Blackmor Studio.

According to the creators; Mclistowel Koranteng and Sena Avudzivi the name was couched from English and French backgrounds meaning ‘Black Love’.

In 2016, the exploits of the thriving young entrepreneurs got the attention of Joy Business Van, an SME-focused programme that runs on Joy FM and the Joy News channel on Multi TV.

The story talked about how two novice science students with no art background founded a media company and developed it to produce contents for some of the big global brands in the country.

Mclistowel and Sena sought to project and tell the African story with their works. Fast forward to 2018 Blackmor Studios is set to release a movie inspired by the recently held burial ceremony of the Asantehemaa and the usual ‘myths’ hovering around it.

The movie which seeks to discuss the increase rate of ritual killings on the continent tells the story of how an American student who follows her Ghanaian course mate home for vacation is abducted during the burial ceremony of the village’s queen mother, and how the traditional palace is blamed for it.

“Despite the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights’ that provides an individual is entitled to respect for his life and integrity of his person, ritual killings and the practice of human sacrifice continue in several African countries. Because of the secrecy involved in ritual sacrifices, a majority of these incidents go unreported and uninvestigated. Anti-sacrifice advocates face an uphill battle in combating these rituals because the practices are largely denied and touch on cultural underpinnings, resulting in an ideological conflict between protection of human rights and respect for the beliefs and practices of our cultures.”

“Telling provocative African stories has always been the goal and I think as Filmmakers is paramount our works open dialogues on some of these social issues and seeks to inspire change in our societies. I’m very much excited about this project and I can’t wait for you all to see it”, stated Mclistowel when queried about the movie.

The story, written by MclistowelKoranteng is also set to be his directorial debut. Rising Television presenter and producer, ElinamAmenyo (Eli Kharis) of GHOne is set to produce it and will be executive produced by Martin Anakwa.

Although in its pre-production phase, the movie is going to star a few known names and give chances to the many aspiring young actors who want a stage to showcase their talent.

Playboy Fred Johnson (Gator) of Home sweet Home fame is set to make a comeback to the movie scenes as he features in this.

If the screenplay of this film is anything to go by then this movie is going to be timely and one of the most thought-provoking movies to hit our screens in a long while.



Source: Myjoyonline

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