Martin Amidu, Ken Agyapong clash

• He will collapse NPP, Agyapong fumes

Martin Amidu has lashed out at party financiers who declare that they financed political parties hence are entitled to contracts once the party wins power.
In what appears to be an indirect riposte to comments by NPP fire brand, Ken Agyapong in the past, the Special Prosecutor nominee said persons who had such expectations were corrupt and flouted political party funding rules.
In his appearance before Parliament’s Appointments Committee, the former NDC running mate and founding member cautioned against people openly going on air and demanding contract favours from government because they supported the party to win elections.
He explained that such comments were criminal and could be punishable by law.
However, in a blunt and direct reply to him, Mr. Agyapong fiercely condemned Mr. Amidu, predicting that the former Attorney General will collapse the NPP.
“That man will collapse NPP, mark my words. I have had that intuition. My instincts are not wrong. God has given me that gift and I thank Him. When I see something, it happens. He has pain in him”, the MP fumed on Asempa’s Ekosi Sen radio programme.
“Ghanaians are jubilating Martin Amidu. Wow! Because of what Ghanaians want I will not comment. You know how animals are trained in circuits, don’t you? We live in this country to see one day… I shall be vindicated. They do not know what is ahead of them. Go ahead and hail Amidu. The man who made him a minister, see how he embarrassed him and now a prosecutor? No further comment”, he had added.
He lambasted Mr. Amidu for what he described as arrogance when he appeared before the committee stressing that the former running mate to Prof Mills was the wrong choice for the position of special prosecutor.
“Me, I would have walked him out straight if I were chairman of the committee. Look at his arrogance towards Haruna’s joke. He cannot be investigating cases with his emotion and bitterness. The way he embarrassed Haruna over the Builsa way joke exposed his arrogance. It was not good. If the President watched, he should call him and talk to him. I repeat, it won’t work. That arrogance he portrayed over there, I am justified about him. And I hate his pretentious smiling. Who will buy that, after he embarrassed Haruna?” Ken asked.

Source: Thenationalpenonline/2018/Kwabena Rockson

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