Mane breaks silence on Klopp ‘row’

Liverpool attacker Sadio Mane has insisted that there is no row between himself and manager Jurgen Klopp.
This despite the fact that the Senegal international looked visibly upset with his manager during the Premier League draw against Chelsea this weekend after he was not started.
Mane ended up coming on along with Adam Lallana after Willian had equalized for Chelsea and was seen in a heated discussion with Klopp after the game.
Mane told Sky Sports News: “He [Klopp] asked me to play on the right side and one time I tried to ask for the ball in the number nine position.
“Mo [Salah] was on my side and the coach was shouting ‘Sadio come onto the right side’.
“After the game I told the coach it was easier if you told Mo to come in because he was close to you.
“But it was friendly, it was not because I was unhappy or something else. There was no problem, I was just communicating and explaining that to him after the game”.

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