Leaked election report divides NDC

it is all fake –Asiedu Nketia... Somes aspects are true – Allotey Jacobs

While the General Secretary Johnson Aseidu Nketia has denied the authenticity of the content of the report being discussed in the media as excepts of the true findings of the Prof. Kwasi Botchwey committee, Allottey Jacob, the NDC Central Regional Chairman is of a strong opinion that some of the issues being discussed by the media are not far from what the committee reported on.

The governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) is behind the leaked “fake” KwesiBotchwey report to divert attention from the current difficulties in the country, General Secretary of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia claimed.

He said on Tuesday that he doubted if any member of the NDC was behind the alleged leakage of the report insisting that it is the handiwork of the NPP.

“…I believe sincerely that it is an orchestration by the NPP government to divert attention from the current difficulties that the masses are going through,” Mr Nketia told Umaru Amadu Sanda in an exclusive interview.

“We’ve taken a position that Kwesi Botchwey’s report is meant for internal consumption so it has not been published anywhere so any commentary that is being run or any alleged capturing of Botchwey’s report and serialization cannot represent any genuine document coming from NDC,” General Mosquito as Mr Asiedu Nketia is known said.

But Central Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Allotey Jacobs is on record to have shot and scuttled the argument of his boss (Asiedu Nketia) arguing that some elements within the NDC party are scheming to cause a “civil war”.

Speaking to sit-in host Nana Yaw Kesseh on Peace FM’s ‘Kokrokoo’, Allotey Jacobs feared the worst might happen if such is the behaviour of some party members continues.

He made this shocking disclosure when commenting on the contents of the Kwesi Botchwey report that has reportedly been leaked to sections of the media.

According to him, he suspects the portions of the Kwesi Botchwey report have been released to the media as a grand scheme to stir agitations in the party.

“Some aspects of what is being discussed in the public domain or in the media domain, some aspects of it, are true . . . I’m suspecting that the media is approaching some of our constituency, regional and national executives. Because the media is trying to unlock the Kwesi Botchwey report to make a fuss about it.

“. . . I’m suspecting that some people are talking to the press and it’s an agenda to create a kind of a civil war in the party,” Allotey Jacob said.

“I have observed that it looks as if the NPP government wants to use some fake Botchwey report to divert the attention of Ghanaians from the hardships that they are going through so it’s like they are always using something purporting to be coming from Botchwey’s report divert attention from any major issue that appears to be indicting the government.

“The day there was news about the $2.5bn scandal and everybody was debating the matter, we came back to something allegedly coming from the Botchwey report, then we moved on to Maj. Mahama’s death and everybody was discussing it then bam, another thing purportedly coming from Botchwey’s report, then we came to the contaminated fuel matter, when it was being discussed then another thing came from the Botchwey report… now there is the damning report of the IMF on the economy, they know it will attract national debate so something must come out to divert people’s attention so if they choose that that is the way to go, let them know that no amount of diversion can take the people’s mind from the suffering they are going through.

“What the media is writing about can never be the Botchwey report, so if you are deceiving yourself by publishing things and alleging things that it is coming from page ‘so so and so’ and it is coming from the Botchwey report, you are deceiving yourself.

“If you go and fabricate things and put them there hoping that the fabrication will now force people to publish the truth you’ll be deceiving yourself,” he stated.


Source:thenationalpenonline/Ghana/Charles McCarthy



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