GRA tasked to collect GH¢39bn as revenue in 2018

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has been tasked to collect in excess of GH¢39bn as taxes for the 2018 fiscal year.

In 2017, the authority collected GH¢32.4bn as against a target of about GH¢ 34bn, representing 97 percent.

Mr Emmanuel Kofi Nti – Commissioner General of the GRA, in an interview with the media at a send-off ceremony for some 138 retired workers of the authority in 2017, said the growth in revenue relative to 2016 was the best in the last five years.

He explained that in 2018 the GRA will focus on measures to enhance revenue collection through proactive engagement with taxpayers, increasing awareness among Ghanaians on tax issues, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the importance of taxes, and the benefits to national development.

“We are going to engage the taxpayers and spread the links between tax and development, links between tax and free SHS, the link between tax and roads, the link between tax and security,” he said.

“It will be a holistic engagement so that society sees the need to pay the tax,” he said, adding that going forward GRA will have a rapport with taxpayers and learn their needs in order to serve them better.

Mr Nti said the response to the national tax campaign launched in November last year, to awaken the consciousness of Ghanaians to honour their tax obligations for continuous development, was great.

Mr Nti, congratulated the retirees for their dedicated contributions to the authority and country over the years.

He said the revenue they mobilised has kept government’s programmes and activities running to improve the people’s lives.

Mr Nti urged those in active service to work diligently so they can be proud of their contributions when the time comes for them to retire.

The workers had served the organisation in different capacities, for between 20 and 42 years.

They each received a certificate and flat-screen television set.



Source: BFT

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